Accounting services

Accounting services depend on the size and form of the company. We ensure that on a weekly, monthly
and annual basis, the necessary things get done correctly and on time.


We will put together a range of services tailored to what you need, what is useful and what supports
each other. The service is priced according to the amount of work involved.


  • Day-to-day activities: management of purchase invoices, loading payments into the bank, recording
    bank movements in the accounting software.
  • Payroll accounting
  • Tax declaration (Salary taxes, VAT, intra-Community turnover, OSS).
  • Accruals of expenses/income
  • Fixed assets entries
  • Recognition of investment property transactions (private, commercial and land)
  • Loan and interest
  • Monthly audited financial statements: balance sheet and profit and loss account
  • Accounting of biological assets
  • Recognition of transactions using the percentage of completion method
  • Proportional VAT accounting
  • Assistance in dealing with public authorities: the Tax and Customs Board, the Social Insurance Board,
    the Statistics Office, the Health Insurance Fund, the Unemployment Insurance Fund

If you want to grow, we can help you to grow.