Heislie - our strengths are proactivity, expertise and efficiency.

An accounting service that is not just about the numbers, but the expertise to see the business as a whole, and to perform the accounting activities that the client's business needs. We think pro-actively, mapping out the needs of the business and highlighting and helping to document the key points. We point out areas that need extra attention and decisions to support the growth of the business. We're systematic and help create workflows that ensure effective accounting and financial insight.

We live in a world where efficiency, expertise and proactivity determine the success of a business. These are the values we carry and apply in our daily work.

  • Efficiency - We look for ways to speed up processes and save everyone time and resources.
  • Expertise - We keep up to date with changes in the field through training and networking.
  • Proactivity - We are not just data feeders. We look at the business as a whole, and if we notice that something important is missing, or there are things that could be done better or faster, we let you know.


To support the accounting systems and operations of growing businesses through proactive action.


The best known value-added and total solutions partner for growing businesses.

Financial Controller, Senior Accountant

Birgit Suurhans

My interest in accounting and financial accounting started almost 10 years ago when I
started working in an auditing firm. Today I have experience in small business development,
tax and accounting in various sectors.

I have experience in payroll accounting, implementation of the completion method,
consolidation, real estate investment accounting, loans and interest, biological assets,
proportional VAT accounting, business risk assessment, review of the balance sheet
account, income statement vertical and horizontal analysis, tax accounting review.

I direct my energy and focus on 'how it can be done' rather than looking for reasons 'why it
can't be done'. I have helped clients to streamline the process of purchase invoices, to
improve the transmission of documents, develop procedures for approving costs.

  • Senior Accountant Level 6 license issued by the Estonian Accountants Association.
  • Personnel Officer Certificate issued by the Estonian Personnel Management Association.